Easter egg cheesecakes available 2nd/3rd April

Easter egg cheesecakes available 2nd/3rd April


Cheesecake filled easter eggs, come in 6 flavours-

Salted caramel- biscuit base, layer of salted caramel and original cheesecake. Topped with fudge and salted caramel sauce.

Mini egg - biscuit base, original cheesecake topped with mink eggs and drizzled chocolate.

Creme egg - biscuit base with original cheese cake, topped with creme egg and drizzle chocolate.

Orange chocolate - biscuit base with orange chocolate cheesecake, topped with orange chocolate pieces and drizzled of orange chocolate.

Chocolate overload - biscuit base with chocolate cheesecake, overloaded with chocolate toppings and drizzled of chocolate.

Malteser egg - biscuit base with malteser cheesecake, topped with malteser bunnies and drizzles of chocolate. 

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